Officials Training

LVW Swimming Club needs more volunteers

IOTs Training Opportunity


Sunday, 25th June 2023

Start Time
End Time
approx. 3:30pm
Lorien Martin
021 741 518


The first of these training opportunities will take place this Sunday 25th June in conjunction with BOP Relays.

The following training workshops will be available (exact timing to be confirmed):

1. Timekeeper Qualification – short workshop during warm up followed by timekeeping for the session. Those that complete this will be signed off for their qualification on Sunday.

2. Inspector of Turns – short workshop at the conclusion of racing on Sunday. This is the theory part of the qualification. You will then need to complete 6 training sessions poolside (3 at a designated meet) and these can be completed over a time-frame that works for you depending on when your child is racing etc. There will be an opportunity for you to do pool deck training at relays if you wish or at the upcoming EVO meet on 2-3 July.

IOTs is the role most in need of an increase in numbers however we are also needing volunteers to continue further on the pathway after they have some time consolidating their IOT training.

The pathway continues through:

3. Starter
4. Judge of Strokes
5. Referee

We encourage you to put yourself forward for these training sessions if you are available on Sunday. We will also provide you with some pre-reading so you are well-equipped.
We are also happy to work with anyone poolside at club night on Saturday if you would like a better understanding of how things work poolside before heading to the workshop.
Please note that the minimal age for a qualified swimming official is 16 years-old.



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