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Term Four 2019 Chairperson’s Report Term 4 is well underway!  I’d better introduce myself for those who don’t know me.  I’m a swimmer and I have two boys who swim at LVWA: Jacob in Loader and Gabriel in Cruiser.  And you will see my husband Wayne helping out with team managing, time-keeping and anything else...


Term 3 2019 Newsletter Committee Report With our first committee meeting for the new year under our belt we are really excited about the year ahead.  We’d like to Introduce the following members of our committee and thanks them for their valuable contribution to our club and your kids over the next 12 months: Chair:  Cheryl...


Chairperson’s Report There have been two big events recently that have given the Club a real sense of the progress made since we first sent a team to the Rising Stars meet in April 2017. At the weekend, we hosted the Winter Dip at Greerton Aquatic Centre. This is a new event and one that...

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